Hi! I'm Steven.

I'm a DevOps practitioner with a strong background in web application development.

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How to disable Chrome security checks for testing

10 Apr, 2017

I recently ran into a problem when testing a website locally using an existing domain name. After adding the domain name to my hosts file and setting up a self-generated certificate, I was suprised to see that I could not ignore the expe...

Deny HTTP request methods in Nginx

6 Apr, 2017

In certain situations you might need to restrict access to your web application based on the request method. Maybe because the method isn’t implemented, or you need to deny certain actions as part of your security policy.

Manage your SSH hosts in your SSH config file

29 Mar, 2017

As a system administrator or web developer, you are using SSH daily to log in to your servers. If you only manage a handful of machines, you might be keeping track of their connection details in a text file or wiki entry.

Browse a Git repository with the built-in web UI

25 Mar, 2017

Did you know that Git has a built-in web interface to browse your repository? This is a very useful tool to have if you are examining a new repository, don’t have access to GitHub or simply for demonstration purposes.