Hi! I'm Steven.

I'm a DevOps practitioner with a strong background in web application development.

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Use dnsmasq instead of /etc/hosts

10 Jan, 2018

On my development machine I’ve always used the good old /etc/hosts file to point test domains like newsite.test to a local IP. This approach works fine but it’s a bit cumbersome to manage:

Trust self-signed certificates on a Mac

7 Jun, 2017

We rely on self-signed certificates in our development environment to test our applications via SSL. As a result, the browser will show you a warning saying the connection is not private each time. This becomes frustrating real quick!

Logging MySQL queries to a table

18 May, 2017

I regularly need to find out which queries are being executed while debugging or investigating application performance. I used to configure MySQL to log into a file and then search the output to see what’s happening.

How to disable Chrome security checks for testing

10 Apr, 2017

I recently ran into a problem when testing a website locally using an existing domain name. After adding the domain name to my hosts file and setting up a self-generated certificate, I was suprised to see that I could not ignore the expe...